Wednesday , December 2 2020

$ 23.3m from $ 37.33 in dollars in harmony with the region

Dollar it rose to 23 cents a day at $ 37.23 on Tuesday. In the banks and agents of the city of Buenos Aires, on average I, after national holiday, Developing currencies have depreciated in international markets.

Single and Free Foreign Exchange Market (MULC) currency of a wheel with low turnover rose from 25 cents to $ 36.18Where international markets are partially copied in the local market with a slight affirmation.

In the whole world, dollar rallied at least two weeks and increased by 0.7% against reference currencies; in the region rose to 0.5%.

During this day, The Central Bank made the final auction of the Central Bank (Lebac), and the $ 40,000 million pesos in these securities will be renewed for a month-term..

Lebac's exports still reached $ 1.27 trillion, of which $ 190.583 million were pesos: not more than $ 18.500 million in the hands of banks and the rest, not in the investors' portfolio. regulated by monetary authority.

During the bidding process on Tuesday, the Central Bank provided a maximum of $ 40,000 million for the next month. Non-renewed amount may go to fixed installments, dollars or Treasury bills.

To absorb the money that is not in this operation, the Ministry of Finance will give two headlines on Wednesday, 91 days each, a monthly inflation rate of 4%, and the other two headings to adapt to inflation.

In addition, the monetary authority has a seven-year limit on Liquidity Bonds (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;), 93,325 million dollars, an average annual yield of 62,12% (ended on 62,21% on Friday) and a yearly maximum. cutting rate is 62,50%. In this sense, the monetary asset collects eleven consecutive tenders at low rates.

Fernando Izzo, operator of ABC Mercado de Cambios, said: da Due to the cancellation of Lebac, there will be a large number of pesos to invest in other assets in pesos with rates less than 50%. "different assets and conditions in the national currency.

Throughout the tour, the development of prices has been reflected in alternative areas that vary according to demand and foreign currency supply in always-marked peace and lower turnover scenarios.

The lowest level of the day was recorded with the first transaction, which was agreed at $ 36.05, consisting of twelve cents above the previous closing. In the first part of the price, when the prices touched $ 36.35, the collateral demand, which recorded the maximum levels recorded, was strengthened. The improvement in confirmed revenue in the second half of the session, by diluting the purchase pressure, caused the values ​​to come back high and remain above the high level at the end of last Friday.

In this context, total sales volume sold decreased by 38% to USD 473 million.

"After the local holiday break on Monday, the dollar evolution has shown an improvement in prices that react to domestic resettlement due to international financial instability," analyst Gustavo Quintana said.

The ascension, "the dollar in the world in accordance with a slight recovery, the Argentine market, the level of exchange rate with a delay delayed by the immobility of the night to fix and to return prices at the most prices," he said. It's been high since the end of October. "

Meanwhile in the informal market blue According to this research conducted in the caves in the city center of Buenos Aires, it climbed from 20 cents to 36.29 dollars. "Cash paid" fell seven cents on Friday to $ 36.01.

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In Rofex futures marketUSD 504 million was negotiated, a rate higher than 70% between November and December was $ 37,0100 and $ 38,4600, respectively; and 83.73% and 56.10% TNA ratios. Maturities resulted in more than ten cents increase with the rise of a large part of the present and the end of the ascent.

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