Wednesday , October 20 2021

Zuma: Land should not be spilled in the process of expropriation


Former president Jacob Zuma, without compensation, said the process of expropriation of land should continue without bloodshed.

Zuma was talking to hundreds of pensioners and ANC supporters in KwaMashu, north of Durban.

She was part of a team that campaigned for the ruling party in her home country with ANC KZN chief Sihle Zikalala.

The former president, when the land is nationalized no one "should not resist," he said.

"Today we're getting poorer and living in rocky areas because of the land issue. There was no compensation when our land was taken from us, so we shouldn't have compensation when we get back the land," said Zii, isiZulu.

According to the country's Constitution, Zuma added that people should only demand the lands from 1913.

"What will be the land taken in the 1600s?" He asked.

"We cannot start another war, no. We are free now. We need to get a lot of votes. Let's get a two-thirds majority to change the constitution. It's not nice to be free after 25 years. It comes to other aspects of the Constitution," he added.

Zuma asked people to vote for the ANC instead of "blank words" for next year.

"ANC fought for the country, and some people died and some were arrested. We can't vote for anyone who doesn't fight. They'll show you. You'll sleep with one eye. ANC is our organization. We will win the elections."

Zuma called on those who did not like some ANC leaders to vote for the ANC and then complain to them.

"Anger is a disease for some people. When they don't like me, they say we won't vote for ANC because we won't vote for Zuma. For the leaders we don't like.

"If we don't like someone, we'll lift it at a conference. I shouldn't lose ANC because I don't like Zuma. After voting Zuma, let's vote for the ANC," he said.

Zuma began campaigning Friday morning at the Pinetown taxi stop.

Meanwhile, spokeswoman Vukile Mathabela told the media on Friday that her legal team is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the Pietermaritzburg High Court, which has filed an application for a lengthy duration of prosecution in the corruption proceedings.


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