Friday , November 27 2020

We hope that Bafana can withstand the uncertain security conditions in Libya

South Africa needs to avoid defeat in this game – after defeating Nigeria at the FNB Stadium on Saturday in the final group E Group qualifiers, it prefers a neutral place rather than having to play in Libya. .

When he waits for Libya to lift the ban, it is a question that has been repeatedly asked by Fifa, but has no definite answer.

The Libyan authorities have been suggesting that the ban has been removed for many years now lar but the practicalities seem to be much more complex.

It is known that Fifa has not been able to lift the ban in the country in recent years, but there are many fact finding trips to see if Libya cannot take its own leagues and disrespect towards them.

Libya is a divided country controlled by various tribal groups since the overthrow of long-standing president Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 as the central government has no control over a large part of the land.

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