HAKSKEENPAN, NORTHERN CAPE – Following a week that began with a few teething troubles, the Bloodhound Land Speed ​​Record has completed three successful runs on the Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape.

The British-built supersonic car hit 537km / h on Monday, its highest speed ever.

The vehicle’s first run, which they limited to 160km / h, was purely to check if the steering and brakes were working in order. The second outing doubled that speed using max dry power, followed by a coast down to measure rolling resistance. The third run saw the team using the full reheat, the stability tests were carried out before and after the peak speed was reached.

The eventual aim is to reach 1600km / h, which would shatter the current record of 1228km / h, set by the Thrust SSC 22 years ago.

It certainly helps that nominated driver, Andy Green, is the same man that broke the aforementioned world land speed record. Bloodhound car: