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Volkswagen Golf 8, three-door (R32?) Hatchback …

Volkswagen Golf R32 three-door rendering

Aksyonov Nikita made the Volkswagen Golf 8 a three-door model similar to the R32.

Volkswagen Golf R32 three-door rendering

Watch out for the new sub catastrophe.

Yes, looking for another Volkswagen Golf 8 rendering. This time, a digital artist has transformed the latest version of hatchback into a three-door model complete with R32 design hints.

Russian artist Aksyonov Nikita imagined images by throwing through the back doors (VW confirmed, of course, that the eighth generation of Golf would only be presented in a five-door costume).

Nikita also gave Golf's front end a more aggressive lower fascia, even adding a carbon fiber coating (a repeated treatment in the back). In addition, the created model features a central exhaust dual exhaust pipe that is clearly inspired by the Mk5 R32 running on the VR6.

While VW will certainly not offer a three-door R32 model in this generation, it will produce a Golf GTI, a Golf GTI TCR, a Golf GTD, a Golf R and a pseudo hybrid GTE (previously introduced).

Since the advent of the new hatchback, Golf 8 has been digitally transformed into a GTI (again a model that will certainly be) and a Jetta-style sedan (a vehicle that will not be likely). We found that. is no longer manufactured for Europe) …

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