Wednesday , April 14 2021

UEFA League of Nations – Everything you need to know

The UEFA League of Nations started in September of this year, following the 2018 world cup final in Russia. The international football competition is discussed by national parties from each of the UEFA member associations, the European governing body of football. To a large extent, it has long replaced international friends who have undergone many studies. This brings a more competitive approach to national parties.

The finals will be played in Portugal in June 2019 and will be played with four A winners who are qualified in the final. Then one nation from each league will qualify for the Euro finals, in this case Euro 2020. This not only helps a better international competitive view for fans, but also helps the less eye-catching national party to organize fixtures throughout the calendar year. This is going to be a future success for years to come, and it seems to mean a third international tournament next to the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European championship.

So what is the format? 55 national parties are divided into four groups, each with four groups. The teams will then be able to play with each other as well as with A in the upper league. In this upper league, the winners of each group will advance to the finals of the leagues to be played in Portugal next year, as mentioned earlier. Starting with the semifinals, followed by the last and third and fourth play-offs. Teams can also be promoted and reduced from each league in an ongoing process that creates a very exciting display format.

The group stages of the first league ended and gave rise to some surprising results. The first group saw the Netherlands face up against France and Germany and the world champion. Although he could not stay in the World Cup himself, the Netherlands stepped into the group with a goal difference from France and Germany continued to fight at the bottom. The group was in Iceland, with no dots between the two, between Switzerland and Belgium, with no point to finish. The group's goal was again the Swiss, and as the winners, they were the winners.

Portugal then outperformed Italy and Poland, without losing a game. The final of the quartet consisted of the UK, the favorites Spain and the world cup Croatia. It was a group that was strongly objected with the progress of England as winners. To end the winners in the last game of the group against Croatia. This means that they are now the general 2/1 favorites to maintain the first edition of competition and land.

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