Sunday , March 7 2021

The Chinese scientist creates the world's first genetically modified babies

Originally published by Helen Roxburgh for AFP.

Beijing ordered an investigation into the claims of a Chinese scientist to create the world's first genetically regulated babies; this is a groundbreaking medical, but a movement that creates a critique.

A video published on YouTube by university professor He Jiankui said twins girls born a few weeks ago had changed their DNA to prevent transmission of HIV and a heated debate was launched between the scientific community.

While the experts aroused suspicion about the alleged breakthroughs and others praising him as a modern form of eugenics, the Chinese National Health Commission ordered the ”immediate investigation ver of the case, and the official Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday and made a statement on the NHC's website.

A professor at the Stanford University in the US, who works in a laboratory in Shenzhen, the southern city of China, provides the twins' DNA with the ability to precisely remove and modify a thread from scientists. He said the technique was modified using CRISPR.

The development took place on Sunday in an article published by MIT Technology Review, which was referenced by researchers as a reference to medical documents trying to collect couples for experiments.

She said that although babies known as meden Lulu ın and yumurta Nana içine are not real names, they were born with regular IVF, but they used a specially modified egg before being placed in the uterus.

Bir Immediately after sending her husband's sperm to her egg, she sent an embryologist to CRISPR / Cas9 protein and ordered a gene surgery to protect the girls from future HIV infection, “he said.

Gene regulation is a potential solution for hereditary diseases, but it is highly controversial because the changes will be transmitted to future generations and eventually affect the gene pool.

Iyor The technology is ethically charged, iyor MIT Technology Review warned.

The allegations were expected this week on Wednesday and Thursday, ahead of a conference of world experts in Hong Kong.

However, there is no independent verification of the allegations that were not published in a peer-reviewed journal. This is a deficiency of the critics of scientists.

’Dangerous, irresponsible‘

Research has been strongly criticized by Chinese scientists and institutions. The university, where she worked, said that she had received unpaid leave since February and that her research “seriously violated academic ethics and norms Çalış.

South Science and Technology University said on Monday, "This research work was conducted out of school by Professor He Jiankui." Said.

And a joint statement of 100 scientists in China criticized the findings and called for better state laws.

39 Global reputation and the development of biomedical research in China have been a major blow to the social media platform, Weibo.

Ret It is extremely unfair to the vast majority of Chinese scholars who are keen on scientific research and innovation. “

Other scientists around the world were also critical. Some said that a YouTube video is an inadequate way to publicize scientific findings, and others warn that healthy embryos and children are irresponsible to gene regulation.

Professor Joyce Harper, professor of genetic and human embryology at London's UCL, said: oloj Today, the genome report on human embryos for resistance to HIV is early, dangerous and irresponsible. ’

The history of fraud by Chinese researchers

The issue of regulating human DNA is highly controversial and allowed only in laboratory research in the US – however, US scientists have said last year that piglets have successfully edited their genetic code to remove viral infections in sleep.

However, this was the first time that Chinese researchers had not experimented with human embryo technology, and last September, scientists at Sun Yat-sen University used a gene editing method adapted to correct a disease-causing mutation in human embryos.

There is also a history of fraud in China's academic community. This year also included a scandal that led to the withdrawal of 100 bir agreed çekil academic papers last year.

He did not respond immediately to request comments from Jiankui, AFP.

There were no answers to the questions asked to the organizers of the Hong Kong conference and it was not clear whether they were aware of their work.

In a pre-recorded video on the conference's website, biologist and international summit president David Baltimore said: gen We have done nothing to change the genes of the human race and have never done anything to create that effect. continue for generations. "

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