Sunday , November 29 2020

South Africa & # 39; s Thulisa Keyi ranked first in Miss World Designer Awards

The apron, designed by Biji Gibbs, was produced with a simple cord from a black velvet.

Keyi's beaded arm inspired by the Xhosa heritage is a striking feature.

Söyl To be honest, I was just seeing that I was a person, because I was very grounded for who I was, so I don't want to present myself in front of the world, I want to show something less than who I am, ür he said. Juice on his Miss World post.

It will be held at Miss World on December 8 in China Sanya.

Miss World delegates held a press conference on Wednesday and Keyi was one of the 12 people spoken at the conference. Keyi was later selected as one of three contestants to hold press conferences with Ms. Canada and Miss China.

– News24

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