Thursday , August 11 2022

Se_x band Minister Gigaba's finger hacking & # 39; MP shows on gaffe


MP opened fire on se_x band Minister Gigaba

Malusi Gigaba, the chancellor of the chancellor, apologized for signaling a small finger in the parliament during the question and answer session of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Malusi Gigaba showing the finger of PINKIE

Gigaba made a gesture towards Ndlozi by EFF MP Mbuyiseni, who slapped Gigaba in Gigaba, saying that cabinet members must be equipped with non-hacked mobile phones.

Unuz Mr. President, you know that this phone doesn't have a camera. You may want to start ordering them for members of the cabinet, because they will save us from some embarrassing activities. That was attacked, r Ndlozi said.

Ndlozi was believed to refer to Gigaba's leaked se_x band, but Gigaba claimed that the clip, which was a big hit on international sites, was released after his phone was attacked. Gigabaıs gesture was interpreted as referring to the size of the penis of Ndlozi. Gigaba said in his apology on Twitter:

“I apologize privately for this gesture. The little mockery provoking this and the strain I've had during the last 10 days is no excuse for my effort. "

However, he had not received an apology from Floyd Shivambu, who continued to publish on the Twitter account of EFF:

Sahip A por_n star sends a porographic video to a girlfriend and has the audacity to deny that he is romantic with his wife. Iyor Coming to wave your finger a little finger. What will we do now?"

With all the comments coming after the messages, social media fighters are not ready to forgive Malusi Gigaba for their final behavior.

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