Thursday , September 29 2022

Samsung opens Bixby to third-party applications and devices


Samsung will begin to allow application developers to connect to Bixby, and hardware companies will be able to install audio assistants on their products.

Within a year and a half since the launch of Bixby, Samsung's assistant has brought in phones, refrigerators, televisions and more, but all of them were Samsung's own devices. With today's news, other companies will be able to start building their own hardware as an alternative to Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, or as an option for users who want to live in Samsung's ecosystem.

Consumers may have more reasons to embrace Bixby in the future, because third-party developers will begin to produce services that are involved. Samsung Bixby demonstrated by pulling out various interfaces that need to stay in a hotel in a demo – but it is not entirely clear what to expect – but Samsung will be able to make everything open to Samsung that the developers will be able to make Bixby open.

Samsung's Viv Labs & # 39; s CEO, Dag Kittlaus, says it is the most powerful utility ever built. “The road ahead of the other men, K says Kittlaus. “And not even close.“

Samsung is also planning to launch Bixby in a number of new languages, including German, Italian and French in the coming months. It will also publish localized Spanish localized for UK and Spanish for English; These two languages ​​are already available, but only with the localization of the US.

Smart assistants are not as smart as a whole, but Bixby is particularly weak. During the launch, they were criticized, and some of Samsung's latest phones have complained about a special Bixby button that they still can't repeat.

Samsung is moving fast – for example, faster than Apple – to reveal what Bixby can do with deep access to third parties. It is not clear how to distribute these third-party Bixby features or make sure they are safe and functional. But if it works, Bixby could start to look more like Alexa, who has more than 50,000 third party skills.

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