Wednesday , November 25 2020

Queen Elizabeth might be going ‘semi-retirement’

Queen II. The future of Elizabeth’s reign has a big question mark that has been hovering over it for the past few days.

And while it remains unclear whether Her Majesty will hand over the throne to her son, Prince Charles, the heir’s former servant claims she can go to ‘semi-retirement’.

Grant Harrold, Charles’ former servant, spoke to Express UK and told Charles that “the monarchy could take over the reins.”

“I highly doubt that the queen would abdicate in 1947 because she made a promise to the nation and state. “I don’t see him keeping this promise because he is a traditionalist,” he said.

“He could delegate more duties, renounce the patronage of charities he is still the boss, or even go semi-retired and transfer the reins of the monarchy to his son, Prince Charles, out of name. But as far as our monarchy is, I believe it won’t change until we die, ”he said.

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