Tuesday , August 9 2022

Polio will start in 12 counties from tomorrow


Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria still guarded by crippled disease




More than seven million children will be vaccinated during anti-paralysis, which will begin in 12 sensitive areas on Monday (tomorrow).

This was voiced at a meeting on Saturday that presided over the finalization of preparations for the drive by Dr Yasmin Rashid, Minister of Health of Punjab. In addition, the door-to-door campaign appeared to join more than 18,000 teams from the health department.

Sensitive regions include Lahore, Sheyhupura, Bahavalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Layyah, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Attock.

Örnek It was a major concern for all stakeholders that environmental samples from Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rawalpindi were positive for the polio virus. We have decided to speed up the polio driver in certain areas, Bakan he said.

Her parents asked her children to be vaccinated during the five-day campaign. Od Multiple doses are required to make the child really safe from polyesters. Iy Parents who don't get their child vaccinated endanger their children's lives, un Rashid stressed.

In 2016 there were no reported cases of polio. However, a four-month-old child from Lodhran in 2017 was positive for polio. Currently, Punjab does not contain polio due to the frequent eradication drivers in the province. Globally, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are three countries still affected by the disability.

Punjab Health Director General Dr. Munir Ahmed stressed that all children should be vaccinated during the campaign. Inden As long as the virus is detected in any part of the country, no child is safe, “he said.

He stressed the need to report recommendations and complaints. He reiterated his determination to prevent the transmission of viruses in the current season, and said that the polio vaccine for citizens is safe, effective and approved by the government's drug regulatory authority.

On Saturday, Deputy Commissioner Mudassar Riaz launched a three-day anti-paralysis by giving a child a drop in Shahbaz Sharif Hospital.

The driver will officially start on 12 November (tomorrow). During the campaign, at the trade union council, 0.4 million children would be vaccinated. The vice-president of the commission said that more than 1100 teams from the health ministry will apply droplets to children under five years of age while driving through door-to-door.

A strict strategy will be adopted against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. He stated that in all public hospitals, drugs are provided without discrimination and there is no drug shortage.

In the evening, he found door-to-door service by senior consultants in hospitals. Dr. Munawar Hassan, the Chief Executive of Health, gave a briefing to the vice president.

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