Thursday , August 11 2022

Paris to build the world's largest electric bicycle fleet – Quartz


E-bikes are getting a big boost in Paris.

Sunle-de-France Mobilités, the regional transport agency of Paris, plans to offer ten thousand electric bicycle rentals from September 2019 onwards. Reuters reported on November 8th. The agency aims to expand the program called Veligo to 20,000 e-bikes. The world's largest rental fleet.

The region's commitment to e-bikes reveals that cities and planners around the world have revised their transition systems to curb carbon emissions. Many European countries and cities are already far beyond the United States to promote and popularize bikes as a recruitment option. In Paris, the Veligo program will complement the existing system Velib for the rental of traditional pedal bicycles.

Cr Electric bikes have tremendous potential, azz said Valérie Pécresse, leader of the Utersle-de-France region. ”They are an efficient and ecological way of going to the train station for a short commute that can replace the car.“

European consumers first buy pedelec, which requires the driver to pedaling so that the electric bicycle or the pedal can be operated. ECyclesElectric Consultants have predicted that 2 million to 3 million e-bikes will be sold in the EU in August. year.

Reuters reported that the Veligo program would cost 40 euros per month, half of which could be subsidized by employers. Pécresse says the price allows users to try e-bikes, which is € 1500 from € 1500 for a good model. it could cost and convince some drivers to buy.

Paris, also the first Lime and then Bird, was one of the first European cities to take common electric scooters, launching small fleets throughout the summer. The Ministry of Transport of France, in late October to ban the electric scooters on the pedestrian sidewalks to give up, this kind of behavior threatens pedestrians, he said.

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