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MONITORING: & # 39; Curses are not linked to satanism & # 39; – Convicted killer in the case of Krugersdorp

A convicted murderer gave wild evidence to the court on the role he had played in killing 11 people by a demonic cult in the Krugersdorp region on Wednesday.

Marinda Steyn told the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg how she participated in brutal murders, but denied that the murders were evil.

An old school teacher, Marinda currently serves 11 living conditions and 115 years in prison. His son, Le Roux Steyn, has returned to state testimony and is now serving for 25 years. Two people were sentenced in May separately.

Marinda's daughter, Marcel Steyn, 20, Zack Valentine, 33, and Cecilia Steyn, claiming that she is innocent and is standing trial.

The three were part of five Krugersdorp killers, "Deus Electus (chosen by God"), who allegedly committed 11 murders between 2012 and 2016.

Marinda denied that Cecilia was the ringleader of the group of friends who regularly gathered in the apartment of the satanist and Cecilia. He also denied the evidence provided by witnesses, including Le Roux, who implied Cecilia in 11 murders.

The alleged ringleader acknowledged Jesus & # 39;

He claimed that as a group of friends in the bedroom, Cecilia regularly met.

Marinda described Cecilia as her best friend and said the relationship was mutual.

. I don't think you're a satanist.

I Cecilia was a Christian. He accepted Jesus, and indeed he knew God. İsa

At one stage, Valentine said she wanted to kill Natacha Burger, a member of the Overcomers Through Christ Church, advised by Pastor Reginald Bendixien. Burger was killed in October 2012.

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. I didn't take him seriously at the time. Zack (Valentine) and Mikeila (the beloved wife) later called me and told me that she and Natacha murdered an old woman. The old woman's throat slit. ensure that scenes and cars are picked up for a valet. I told them to make sure no one knew about the murders.

& # 39; I wanted to kill this man & # 39;

He said that he and Valentine had killed Bendixien for manipulating his friend Ria Grunewald.

Bendixien was killed in November 2012.

"He was a bad man in my book (Bendixien). I went to Zack to help me get pastor reg. If he didn't help him, I blackmail people to tell him he killed Natasha and an old woman."

Marinda and Valentine, dressed in police uniforms, went to her home at the Honeydew in Bendixien and killed her.

"Zack had an ax and I stood behind Bendixien as I talked to him. He hit his head with an ax, and I wanted him to stop because I wanted to kill this guy. I lifted his shirt and stabbed him. I see and went to her throat. "

Marinda claimed to have killed Mikeila for wanting to leave Valentine's "group of friends". Instead, he said he had been killed because he wanted to report him to the police and was disloyal.

Fake death

She also expressed how Le Roux and Valentine had killed 51-year-old Peter Meyer and 47-year-old Joan Meyer in November 2015 when they were seeking material advice from the deceased. The plan was to rob the R46m pair they had in their vault.

Instead, they dropped his empty hand after killing Meyers.

He said that on December 16, 2015, Le Roux and John Barnard, who are currently serving 20 years in prison, have been instrumental in helping Valentine realize his own death.

They drugged a man, and then they put him into his beloved car in the Free State of St. Peter Steyn.

The experiment continues.

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