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I Cannibal ı claims to be forced to eat human flesh – South African cops find body parts


A horrified policeman explained how a man walked into his station and confessed that he was tired of eating his human flesh.

He then pulled a woman's hand from a pink school bag and triggered the fearsome discovery of more body parts by a young mother.

Conservative Ryan Ntshalintshali told a astonished court: "When I entered the police station, I thought it was mentally unstable because it continued to speak outrageous.

”He was yelling, mak I need the help of the police because I'm tired of being forced to eat human flesh“.

Officer Ntshalintshali said that Nino Mbatha had warned him to remain silent after the explosion in Escourt in South Africa.

But Mbatha insisted on speaking.

"He pointed to the bag and said that there are human parts here," said the police Supreme Court of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Koy He opened the case and took out what looked like a hand and put it on the counter. “

He and a colleague initially thought it was the baby's hand.

VICTIM: Zanele Hlatshwayo (Pic: MYDRIM JONES)

Di He then took a red takkie out of the bag and came across it with a terrible smell.

”At this point I told him that I was under arrest for his murder.“

In a terrific twist, the officer said that Mbatha was then taken to a room by the police, where he was held captive and forced to eat human flesh.

He said to the court, ı I went into the room where the defendant took a small meal. "


“I saw something in the dish that looked like a jaw.

"Then he took another bucket inside the intestine."

Mbatha and two other men, 32-year-old Lungisani Magubane and Khayelihle Lamula, refused to kill 24-year-old mother Zanele Hlatshwayo.

Mbatha also asserted twice that he was innocent of suz handling human tissue Mb.

TRIAL: Sithembiso Sithole (Pic: MYDRIM JONES)

Sithembiso Sithole, a 31-year-old man was arrested and charged to them. He died in prison because he killed himself during the trial.

prosecutors Claim that Magubane and Lamula went to the traditional healer Mbatha. Muthu – medication – to bring them good luck.

They said that Mbatha insisted that their ancestors had the blood needed to spill.

Lamula later reported that Zanele was drunk and got into her car.

The Court in Majola (Pic: MYDRIM JONES)

He told the prosecutors that they later took the defendants and that Mbatha had gone out of sight to kill Zanele.

Last year (2017) alleged that one of the allegations of corruption took community members and police to the female body, cannibalism allegations shook the region.

. We were buried under huge rocks and had to look for a machine to remove the rocks, ”local councilor Mthembeni Majola said.

Di He showed us the body parts in one of the houses.

Er They confessed that they waited for body parts to attract the grubs.

”Apparently the maggots collect money for them.“

CONFESSION: Estcourt Police Station (Pic: MYDRIM JONES)

Police spokesman Colonel Thembeka Mbhele, Mbatha & # 39; t tired of eating human flesh "Mersin & # 39;

He said: insan When asked, he produced a human hand.

Bulundu Further research led the police to a house where a bad smell was met and more human remains were found.

I A second suspect was arrested in Estcourt and the third in the Amangwe district. More body parts were found. "

Officer Ntshalintshali will continue to provide evidence on Wednesday.

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