Wednesday , April 14 2021

Gospel by Gospel

“I hope to focus on the key goals and focus on the core goal. It's about the music. Ad He said he was putting his win on hold and that he was not planning to spend R1m soon at any time soon.

In the 14th season, the youngest competitor says he was inspired to enter Loyiso Gijana, the contender in 2015. He was 16 at the time. "I was counting the days when I was 16, so I could go in."

Although the 11th grader tried to keep up with the school work by distance learning due to the challenging rehearsal program, he could not continue his studies at the end. However, she says that not everyone is lost because she will compensate by making gradual tests in order to move into the 12th grade next year.

"My school, Rhodes High, was very supportive on this trip. And I have to focus next year because I am passionate about studying the law of entertainment and moving music beyond the matrix," he says.

Orum I also want to do motivation talks, I want to be able to give back to the talented young people to establish my own music academy. I have to go to Juilliard Music School, which is like the best music school!

Passionate about a lot, to be successful in the genre of gospel is up to its main goal.

. I started to write music years ago, so it's not a big issue for the album. [as a] I knew I could do this Idols journey as a substitute. I chose to make the gospel pop because it is the perfect platform to reach young people. It doesn't have to be boring. "

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