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Golf, family and sewing on Project Runway NZ Georgia Georgia Fowler


The top Kiwi model, Georgia Fowler in New York, finds himself on a long-haul flight every week. But he has a concert in Auckland for six weeks – he presents New Zealand's fashion design reality show Project Track, a business supermodel Heidi Klum made for the US series.

Fowler speaks Thing How to gain a sound and how to collect your own sewing skills.

What do you think about owning the server? Project Runway New Zealand?


Project Runway New Zealand's Georgia Fowler says, Project Designing something you can buy in stores. Project

Pretty exciting. This is something totally new to me. I've never spoken to the camera before. I usually come to the set and they become like that, gibi That's hair and makeup. This is your outfit – posing. So it's a really cool and great learning curve to be able to have a voice and say and judge these great designers.

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How's this sound?

Georgia Fowler and the new Project Runway in New Zealand are judging Sally-Ann Mullin and Benny Castles.


Georgia Fowler and the new Project Runway in New Zealand are judging Sally-Ann Mullin and Benny Castles.

I hope I'm a good judge; I hope it is very sympathetic. We only had amazing abilities, so I'm excited to see all of New Zealand.

How do you stand and how do you get paid as a contestant? Project Track?

The first week I go. Terrible. I saw other people planted, I saw the design of other designers and I created amazing masterpieces around me … But, personally, I could not do that.

How well do you think the designs you wear on the track come true – can real people wear them?

So there's definitely a difference between life and the runway.

I think it's fashionable and podium. When I was a young man growing up here, I thought, "That's a crazy outfit." I'm not so scared now.

I'll take a risk – it's a different aesthetic, and that's what I'm trying to encourage designers to do. Don't design anything that you can buy in stores; Design something different and innovative, and maybe you're a bit crazy for real life, but, you know, take risks.

How much of an effect is Heidi Klum?

I just try not to be Heidi and do something. So yes, I do my own swing and slightly lower key, a little more Kiwi.

Heidi Klum can be quite difficult. How do you pass the review?

Sometimes it was really hard. In the beginning, there are only 14 designers & # 39; And maybe the pants were really very weak, it was much easier to go, and you really think this is the standard? & # 39;

It was obvious that they fell flat, time was running out, the designs were not drawn. It's harder when it comes to flavor levels. People love all the different things, so entering an open mind but criticizing them in a constructive way.

Can we talk about your family?

When my mother first started modeling, she would travel with me, because I was on my way at such a young age and without making her, 'oh, it' s so hard. and I'm very home. stoped.

But my father (Peter Fowler) is a professional golfer and is known as the hardest worker in the round. He taught me not to really educate, to continue to educate and to receive education, and to do everything you can to be where you want to give up and give up.

My sister was always – you know, I always looked at her. Nobody has the best style. I always wanted to be as smart as him, be as cool as him, dress up like him, and do great things to my sister.

Have you ever tried playing golf with your father?

Yeah, well, I actually had a few classes with him since he came back, because he got back from being in the round. Yeah. Actually, he's so excited. I know what you want to look like because I've been watching a lot of golf. A few frustrating time – it's a frustrating game – but I love rocking a drive.

Project Runway New Zealand, TVNZ 2, Monday

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