Tuesday , March 2 2021

First fixed-dose combination

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Cape Town – A pharmaceutical company.

For the first time this is a first-rate combination of HIV / Aids.

The company, Mylan, said the medication would be a long way towards addressing the ARVs.

TLD Turkish definition by Tureng Online Dictionary, take a day.

Rakesh Bamzai, Mylan's President for India and emerging markets, said:: Mylan's Global HIV initiative

"The launch of TLD in South Africa is a long-standing commitment to our country."

He is aware of all the world.

The tide of the disease. More than 40% of the worlds are HIV-positive children.

According to the statistics, UNAids has gone down by 29% since 2010.

It is said that South Africa has the largest treatment program in the world, accounting for 20% of people on antiretroviral therapy globally.

The country also has one of the largest funking programs in the world.

Iral In 2000, just 685 000 people living with antiretroviral therapy.

"By June 2017, around 20.9 million people have access to the life-saving medicines.

Atic Such a dramatic scale, atic said UNAids.

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