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Early stages of Alzheimer's disease can determine the risk of financial problems

According to a new study published in the journal, people before they are diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease face a greater risk of adverse financial consequences. Health Economics.

Researchers say this is the result of consensus decision-making in managing money, in addition to exploitation and fraud by others.

Alzheimer's disease is usually not diagnosed until symptoms are aggravated and progression typically involves a multi-year cognitive decline.

“Previous studies have shown that Alzheimer’s people lose their financial capacities very early; health economist Carole Roan Gresenz, PhD magazine for Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies.

In this study, Gresenz and his team wanted to know more about this effect. Ne What happens to the financial household results during the cognitive decline before diagnosis? ”

Researchers combined data from two sources to find the answer: Health and Retirement Study, a national survey of Americans over 50; and Medicare claims.

“These combined data allow us to trace back the date of diagnosis to find out what happened financially to households prior to diagnosis, Gr Gresenz said. Şey What we found was that households where someone was in the early stages of the disease were susceptible to major decreases in liquid assets such as savings, money market and control accounts, ”he said.

The study also found evidence of a reduction in the net worth of these households during this period.

Es The findings stem from the fact that these unfavorable financial results occurred just before the time when these families would receive important resource requests while grappling with costs related to their care needs, Gr Gresenz said.

He also said the findings speak of the potential role of financial institutions in reducing the exposure to vulnerable elderly people.

Researchers are now working on matching loan data with Medicare data, which includes financial results measured in more detailed time frames.

I We want to learn more about the specific financial decisions and choices underlying these findings, as well as to investigate whether early-stage Alzheimer's disease should provide potential information for early detection. additional clinical screenings, Gr Gresenz said.

Source: Georgetown University Medical Center

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