Wednesday , April 14 2021

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Pedyo Kure soap player Elizabeth Nyandoro was beaten by her lover shortly before she was caught in bed with another man.

The incident also caused the local paper to lose its acting role according to H-Metro.

The 32-year-old, who plays the role of Vhoro, will no longer be on the screens after the domestic violence incident, known as his landlord, ex-lover Gerald Jerry & Zimunya. The whole thing left her with a swollen, rotten face.

Gerald Jerry Zimunya

Elizabeth told how Jerry (39) had been sacrificed after he was caught with a new man after leaving.

. I suffered a lot in the hands of Jerry, Elizabeth recalls Elizabeth, # but I decided to take the road with her. Elizabeth

Ona Besides being a jealous man, he was so violent that I regretted falling in love with him. I was wondering how she lives with his wife because she was born to mistreat her. After begging me to let me continue with my life, Jerry sent me messages of love apologizing for ill-treatment, but I refused to correct the relationship, thinking about how I was getting worse.

The problem is that my boss forced Pedride Kure to fire rue, and I am changed and I want to tell my fans that life is sometimes unjust. . Since they can't watch me on the screen anymore, I'll meet them on the streets. Love is not sweet if she joins a cruel man Aşk

Elizabeth was given a peace order by the Civil Court after her separation with Jerry, but Jerry bombarded her phone with messages to forgive.


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