Sunday , April 11 2021

Dies from Ebola within 19 days in Eastern DRC

According to the health ministry, the fatal Ebola epidemic that swept across the East Democratic Republic of Congo for about four months took 19 lives in just five days.

The ministry said late Tuesday that the explosion killed on August 1 and killed 241 people.

In an update on November 26th, the ministry said in a report on November 26, there were 421 cases, 374 of them were confirmed, and 47 of them were likely.

Some of the 74 suspected cases are under investigation.

Since Ebola was first detected in 1976, the epidemic is the tenth in DRC.

The crisis is concentrated around the eastern city that surrounds me, which is a negative city for me, located in Northern Kivu, which was destroyed by armed conflicts that prevented efforts to prevent the explosion.

Ebola is a serious infectious disease that can spread rapidly through small amounts of body fluid and can cause internal bleeding and potentially death.

The DRC is in the throat of a major campaign to select a successor to President Joseph Kabila, who has ruled the vast Central African country since 2001, ahead of the December 23 elections.

Since it gained independence from Belgium in 1960, the nation, which has escaped from this poverty, never knew there was a peaceful peace transition.

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