Tuesday , October 4 2022

DA makes U-turn on golf courses for residential in Cape Town


Activists from the 'Take Back the City' civil rights group occupy the Rondebosch Golf Course, calling for the club to be converted into social housing.

Activists from the ‘Take Back the City’ civil rights group occupy the Rondebosch Golf Course, calling for the club to be converted into social housing.

  • The District Attorney says he has no intention of demolishing Cape Town’s golf courses or any other sports or recreational facility.
  • It took a U-turn after party leader John Steenhuisen’s earlier comments saying golf courses could be used for housing opportunities in Cape Town.
  • The party reacted The people they said misled the public by implying that the prosecutor wanted to “bulldozer” and turn golf courses into “slums”.

The District Attorney stepped away from comments made by its leader, John Steenhuisen, after the City of Cape Town reported it had approved its use of golf courses for city housing opportunities.

In an interview with Newzroom Africa earlier this week, Steenhuisen said he had given the City of Cape Town the mandate to open golf courses for housing.

“We’re looking at accessing golf courses within the city’s urban limits. There are places where golf courses are proliferating. We’ve tasked the city with looking at how we can free up these well-located patches of land for mixed use. Use developments where people can live, work and play within the city limits,” Steenhuisen said.

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In this way, our citizens will be able to benefit from the existing services.”

But the party took a U-turn after Steenhuisen’s interview, and days later released a statement saying it had no intention of “bulldozing” golf courses or any other sports or recreational facility.

This is apparently a bid to counter the claims of its rivals that DA wants to turn golf courses into slums.

News24 appealed to the DA leader for comment on the return, but spokesperson Charity McCord said only Steenhuisen had no comment on the matter.

Cilliers Brink, DA’s spokesperson for collaborative governance and traditional affairs, said in a statement that the DA has never and will never purchase sports and recreational facilities from any community in Cape Town.

brink said:

Those who imply that the district attorney wants to ‘bulldozer’ golf courses in Cape Town and turn them into ‘slums’ are deliberately trying to mislead the public. The District Attorney has no intention of demolishing golf courses or any other sports or recreational facility.

“In Cape Town or anywhere else in the country, the prosecutor has no plans to turn golf courses into ‘slums,’ and it’s clearly ridiculous and desperate for any party to make that suggestion,” he said.

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Any party that is truly serious about governance would recognize the urgent need to offer more housing options in Cape Town, Brink said:

Ignoring the need for more housing in Cape Town is not only cruel to the thousands of Capetonian families without adequate housing, it also leads to an explosion in land invasions and homelessness that will eventually severely damage everyone’s property values.

He said the only development currently planned to happen on Cape Town land that was previously used as a golf course is Amazon’s R4.5 billion investment in the River Club.

He said this is the furthest thing that can be done by “bulldozing” to create a “slum” and will provide thousands of new job opportunities for Cape Town’s people.

“The City of Cape Town has also been holding extensive community consultations for months regarding possibly bringing together the Mowbray and Rondebosch golf courses across the road. If the community decides to undertake this consolidation, it could be free of charge. valuable land upstream for additional job-creating development,” he said.

In June, News24 reported that the City is considering King David Mowbray Golf Club as a potential site for development. The proposal was within the draft integrated spatial development framework for the Table Bay Planning Area.

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