Tuesday , July 27 2021

Continue with & # 39; Kardashian & # 39; It Must Be * There Must Be Something else Because It Doesn't Night *

A week ago, Keeping with the Kardashians The fans sat on the newest part with their breathed breath. This episode was chronic during the week of congenital birth to Khloé Kardashian. As you probably know, it was when (and the entire world) claimed that his lover, Tristan Thompson, had deceived him. I've waited impatiently for the entire week, but apparently, Keeping with the Kardashians Not tonight, Sunday 11 November. But don't be afraid, because a few Kardashian may still support your screen.

KUWTK New episodes are published in E & # 39; Sunday at 9am. ET, but not the show tonight, because TO! People's Choice Awards (formerly only) People's Choice Awardsthey are ventilated instead. The winners of the award ceremony, which determines the votes from the audience, will give air this evening KUWTKUsual slot, morning 9. ET. And fortunately, for those who depend on weekly KarJenner corrections, several family members are nominated tonight. TO! People's Choice Awards. Khloé Kardashian was nominated for the 2018 Realty TV Star Keeping with the Kardashians Nominated for the 2018 Reality Show (naturally).

If any of the KarJenner companies are expected to participate in the award program tonight, they are not approved, but hopefully they will represent a few. The show has a few wonderful singers who need to be staged, including Nicki Minaj, John Legend (friend of the Kardashian family) and Rita Ora. In addition, Victoria Beckham will be called the People's Fashion Icon, and Melissa McCarthy will crown the Icon of the People.

Thankfully, KUWTK On Sunday, November 18, it will return to scheduled programming. However, if you need a dose of KarJenner before that time, it looks like E & # 39;; airing a few KUWTK it repeats tonight. The first three episodes of Season 13 ("Time to Dash", "Paris" and "The Aftermath") will play after E & # 39; People's Choice Awards are finalizing.

"The Betrayal" episode of last week's reality show is full. This episode discovered that he and his family threw out together with another woman a few days before Tristan's birth in April this year. First, Daily mail He published a video of a man on the allegation that Tristan had kissed another woman in New York the previous evening. And then, on that day, TMZ published footage of Tristan's interview with three women in a bar in Washington, D.C.

In the episode, while Kris, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney and Kendall are in the state of California, they are trying to deal with the news as they try to support Khloé in Cleveland, Ohio. Kylie lost the news to Khloé, and after learning the episode, the family's phone calls were documented with a stressed Khloé. The upcoming section is expected to display and deliver images of Khloé in Ohio, so mark your calendar for Sunday (November 18th).

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