Wednesday , June 16 2021

Chris Evans returns to MCU for ‘Captain America 4’: News

Rise and shine Marvel enthusiasts! A little bird came with a big surprise for fans, and the rumor led their factory to turn once again on the possible return of Captain America.

According to reports, after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Complete with her explosive finale at Disney +, Captain America 4 It has been reported that he is in studies and may even bring back Chris Evans to reenact his superhero role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Hollywood Reporter Malcom Spellman, creator and lead author of Falcon and The Winter Soldier, is said to have written the script with Dalan Musson, who also worked on the MCU series.

THR He also reported that as of now, there is no approved casting for the fourth installment of the franchise.

Apart from that, the fate of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America – after supposedly sealed Avengers: Endgame– is also unknown.

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