Monday , October 25 2021

Blake Shelton says Ariana Grande ‘crushed her dreams’ after doing this


Blake Shelton says she crushed her dreams after Ariana Grande did this

Looks like Blake Shelton has a bone to choose from with his friend Sound Coach Ariana Grande.

talk to PeopleThe country music star shared that the pop star “destroyed her dreams” after releasing her album. Dangerous woman the day he released his album If I’m honest in 2016.

“I released the album and at that point I had some momentum musically,” he said.

“I was excited to think that I might have a chance to have the #1 album in the country.”

This shattered Blake’s dreams, when he got a call from the record label telling him everything was “looking good” since it was #1 on the country album, but hadn’t had a chance on the overall chart since Ariana had claimed.

“Literally, I could have released a CD coaster,” Shelton said.

“You trashed my album!”

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