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«اتحاد الكتاب» يحتفي بتجربة عبد الله صقر

الشارقة: عثمان حسن استضاف اتحاد كتاب وأدباء الإمارات, أمس الأول, الكاتب الإماراتي عبدالله صقر في أمسية, استعاد فيها بدايات تجربته الإبداعية في الكتابة الأدبية منذ مطلع سبعينات القرن الفائت, وأدار الأمسية القاص …

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Students get out of the plate

After the temporary results of the survey were announced on February 24, 2019, students from the University of Cheikh Anta Diop (Ucad) came to the window to express their anger. They opposed …

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This Full Body Helps You Stay Loose

Humans can be amazing perfectly designed for our bodies. For starters, we stare at too many screens. All The muscles are shortened and shortened throughout the day. A full-body stretching routine. But …

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